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Earth Talks

Conversations with researchers from UCD Earth Institute.

Discover how researchers from science, engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences are tackling some of the big environmental challenges of our time.

Latest Earth Talks

Poti fields_cropped

Geographies of power: understanding empire and environment

The Russian empire, environment and empire, landscape & environmental change, visual culture & representation, political ecology and capitalism with Associate Professor Jennifer Keating, School of History.

April 2024

Excavations at Sgor an Eoin, Mar Lodge Estate, Cairngorms, Scotland

Mesolithic archaeology, hunter gatherers & representations of the past

Hunter gatherers, Mesolithic Ireland, representations of the past, mountains and colonial legacies in archaeology with Prof. Graeme Warren, School of Archaeology.

March 2024.

Bull Island

Exploring the environment through creative writing

Writing, nature, sound, language, ecology, climate anxiety, environmental humanities and interdisciplinarity with Dr. Paula McGrath, School of English, Drama and Film.

January 2024.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash-Cropped

Designing environmental policy through the behavioural science lens

Defining well-being, nudges, sludge, and ethical frameworks for public policy interventions with Dr Leonhard Lades, School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy.

December 2023.


Geological time & transformation and what rocks can tell us about climate change

Applications of geochemistry, how ice ages reveal past climates, the Anthropocene, and the rich diversity of Ireland’s geology with Professor Frank McDermott, School of Earth Sciences.

November 2023.

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Landscape architecture: interdisciplinary environmental design

The role of design in the built and natural environment, cultural representations of landscape, land use and land use change in Ireland with Dr Karen Foley, School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy.

October 2023.


All-island environmental co-operation & well-being

North-south environmental governance, how the environment intersects with economics, and his interest in subjective well-being with Dr Finbarr Brereton, School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy.

June 2023.

Soil networks, microbes and community ecology

Mathematical & statistical approaches to understanding soil, biodiversity and ecosystems with Associate Professor Tancredi Caruso, School of Biology and Environmental Science.

September 2022.

Urban climatology and green space in cities

Microclimates, green infrastucture, planning and designing climate resilient cities and mapping Dublin’s trees with Prof Gerald Mills, School of Geography.

April 2022.

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