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Earth Talks

Conversations with researchers from UCD Earth Institute.

Discover how researchers from science, engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences are tackling some of the big environmental challenges of our time.

Latest Earth Talks


All-island environmental co-operation & well-being

North-south environmental governance, how the environment intersects with economics, and his interest in subjective well-being with Dr Finbarr Brereton, School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy.

June 2023.

Soil networks, microbes and community ecology

Mathematical & statistical approaches to understanding soil, biodiversity and ecosystems with Associate Professor Tancredi Caruso, School of Biology and Environmental Science.

September 2022.

Urban climatology and green space in cities

Microclimates, green infrastucture, planning and designing climate resilient cities and mapping Dublin’s trees with Prof Gerald Mills, School of Geography.

April 2022.

Planning and environmental policy

Managing human-environmental relationships, green infrastructure, flooding and participatory engagement with Dr Mick Lennon, School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy.

April 2022.

Water wars and hydrosocial imaginaries

Environmental humanities approaches to the culture, power and politics of water and other environmental projects with Dr Hannah Boast, School of English, Drama and Film.

April 2022.

Barley field

Sustainable agronomy and crop science

Multidisciplinary approaches to studying abiotic stressors and climate resilience in barley and other crops with Dr Sónia Negrão, School of Biology and Environmental Science.

March 2022.

Art and sustainable food production

Interview with Deirdre O'Mahony, Earth Institute & DLRCC artist in residence on her ongoing project 'Sustainment Experiments' and her RHA exhibition 'Feeder'.

February 2022.

Looking up: Computer Vision and Remote Sensing

Atmospheric analysis: climate science and meteorology, sensors, data analytics and machine learning with Dr Soumyabrata Dev, School of Computer Science.

November 2021.

Environmental Planning, GIS and public participation

Managing human-environmental interaction, public participation in decision making, data and GIS with Dr Ainhoa Gonzalez del Campo, School of Geography.

September 2021.

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